The Online Store is Down

UPDATED UPDATE:  The store is back up and should be ready for you.  I’m still adding comics back in, but most of them are now available as well as some new ones.  Trying to add new comics is how I discovered the broken store in the first place.

UPDATE:  I am taking the store down tonight to try and fix the issues posting and updating items in the store.  Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Hi guys.  I was trying to add a new book to the online store today and discovered that it is down with some sort of database error.  I’ve never gotten many customers, so I only now noticed.  It’s possible that it’s had issues for a while.  Though it appears possible to browse to individual books and order them, the home page is pointing to the wrong place and I can’t add or edit products.

Looks like I will need to take down the entire store and rebuild it.  If you’ve tried to order books and had a problem, I’m very sorry.  Hopefully I can have this resolved in a day or two.

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