Stalker Swimsuit COllection by Bea Navarro

Hi everyone!!

As we all hunker down at home to survive the zombie apocalypse, Bea says they are having a pool party in Rio.  Ah, Rio.  Must be nice to have a pool party in March during a pandemic.

Of course, here near St Louis, on the Illinois side of the river, we’re in lock down.  Timmy’s school is closed till at least April, all bars and restaurants are closed except for drive-thru and take out.  I’m on work from home, fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to do that.  The YMCA just shut down and even my wife’s retail job is cutting back hours, which is good for her as she can get all her behind the scenes work done before the store opens and avoid contact with the public.

But while all this is going on, we’re still working on comics.  Webcomics can be read from the comfort of your own home, so go ahead and take some of your suddenly free time to read something new or go and reread Stalker before we launch the new issue.

Speaking of which, Bea is still working on designs and starting work on the cover.  This week, we have some swimsuit ideas she had for Stalker for a scene in the new story.  In the particular scene, Carrie is working out, swimming laps, in case you’re wondering about the rather functional design.  She has a few cute, sexy suits in the closet, but they weren’t appropriate for this scene 🙂

Any Super Cat fans out there?  I know it’s been a while, but Super Cat is returning shortly.  This time, with a professional artist, not me trying to fake it 🙂

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