Stalker #8 – Title Page – ARMORCorps, Part 1

Here we recognize all those who helped with the creation of this comic.  The team has been trimmed down quite a bit for this issue.  It’s really just me and Bea right now, and my wonderful Patreon supporters.

Bea had the idea to do this like a playing card, with Carrie and Stalker on the card.  We got to talking about maybe doing a whole deck as a backer reward, Public Defender or Thorn could be kings.  Eclipse and Side-Kick could be jacks.  Psyche another queen.  What do you think?  Would you chip in for such a deck in the next Kickstarter?  Give us you input in the comments below.

Remember, your support is invaluable in allowing us to continue bringing you these stories.  Especially now with Bea in lockdown and unable to go to her normal job, her art is her only income right now, so consider backing the book on Patreon.

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