Stalker #7 – Page 20 – Consultation Over Coffee

This week, we wrap up the final episode of Stalker #7.  I want to thank everyone for bearing with us over this rather trying period.  I know pages have been late, and we had some time when pages weren’t colored, but we got through it.

The last several months have brought many changes.  Blake Wilkie, the cover artist and original colorist for this issue, passed away unexpectedly.  This has had a big impact on the whole team.  We will miss him greatly and wish the best for his friends and family.  The small inconvenience it cost us is nothing compared to sorrow felt over his loss.

Fabio has decided to step away from the comic.  He has taken Blake’s loss the hardest, I think, and just needs some time.  We wish him the best, and if he wishes to return to the fold at some point in the future, we will welcome him back gladly.

Bea Narvarro joined us in our time of need, picking up Blake’s coloring duties and helping us finish out the book.  A brilliant artist, she will be picking up primary illustration, beginning with Stalker #8.

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