Stalker #7 – Page 4 – Why Isn’t This Page Colored? READ BELOW [UPDATED]

Stalker continues to operate without a colorist, but we do now have some news about Blake.

Blake was found in his apartment abut a week ago, incapacitated.  An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital, where he has been in the ICU since then, sedated.

Blake’s condition, which has been discussed here before, has advanced quickly and reached a crisis point.  He was suffering from sepsis and kidney failure.  His family has been contacted and they are working to get him moved back home to Atlanta, where he will be entering hospice.  At this time, they believe he only has a few months at most, assuming he can pull through this current episode.

The most recent update is that his liver numbers are looking better today and the doctors have beaten the sepsis.  They are continuing to work on restoring kidney function.  Blake was allowed to come out from under the sedation briefly today, but he is on a respirator and feeding tube.

Obviously, this is going to have a significant impact on Stalker #7, as Blake was our colorist.  I hope everyone will be patient and understanding as we work through this.  Fabio is continuing to draw and pages will continue to be published, but without color for now.

According to Blake’s friends and family, they believe that if he recovers sufficiently, he is likely to want to continue with his art as long as he can.  With luck, he will return to work and complete the comic.  If he is unable to, we’ll figure something out then.

[UPDATE] Shortly after this page was originally posted, Blake Wilkie passed away.  After several weeks, we did find a new colorist, Bea Navarro, who has recolored the book.  All colors for Stalker #7, posted to this site, are now colored by Bea Navarro.

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