Stalker #7 – Page 3 – Into the Night

I know this page is late and not colored.

As I’ve talked about before on this thread, colorist Blake Wilkie has been struggling with health issues the last few months and we were trying to help him out by giving him work to help pay his expenses.  Our Kickstarter and Patreon funds have been dedicated to that for some time.

Two days ago, Blake stopped responding to messages after discussing having this page ready for today.  His Facebook page now has a post on it by a friend of his asking for his family to urgently call.  I can only assume that Blake’s condition has gotten much worse and he has had to be admitted back into the hospital.  I fear that his total lack of communication may indicate that he is unable to communicate, but for now we will just have to wait for news.

In the meantime, I will continue to post Fabio’s uncolored pages until such time as we determine whether Blake will be able to return to the book.

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