Stalker #7 – Page 2 – Forming a Plan of Action

This past Friday, the Stalker #6 Kickstarter wrapped up.  28 backers pledged $1021 to get Stalker #6 printed and to help fund the creation of the current issue.  If you are one of those backers, I want to extend my sincere thanks to you.  Surveys are out and the print file is ready to go.  Rewards should be going out as originally predicted.

If you missed this one, there will be another chance when we get close to the end of Stalker #7.  That Kickstarter will run a little earlier in the production cycle so that hopefully most backers can have their rewards in time for Christmas.

This episode, the Executive Board is going over the impact of the incident at ARMORCorps.  They’re trying to determine how it’s going to impact the business and how to minimize those impacts.  So far, it looks like a quarter of a BILLION dollar hit that the family company is taking.

Tom Howard is on the Executive Board, and Carrie is shadowing him as her job, so she’s here too.

The meeting is really just wrapping up.  Everyone has been running since the news hit in the morning.


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