Stalker #7 – Page 1 – The Executive Board

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We rejoin Stalker’s story several hours after the news hit about the catastrophic incident at the ARMORCorps demonstration.  It’s been a frantic day for much of the staff as they field calls from the press, try to find out what happened, and come up with a plan of action.  Of course the impact to the business is a major concern.  STi is a multibillion dollar, international corporation with stock holders to answer to, so no incident of this sort is going to go by without a lot of discussion of how to handle things with the smallest possible impact to quarterly numbers and stock prices.

As we join the Executive Board, the business day is over and things are starting to become clear as to what has happened and what the impacts are likely to be.  Stanford Stane has called a meeting to get everyone on the same page and working together to deal with the consequences of the accident and protect the company.  The Office of Legal Counsel will be an important part of this, so Tom Howard is here, and as his shadow, Carrie is along as well.

As we get back into the story pages, you’ll notice a change in the art.  Blake Wilkie is back on colors, complimenting Fabio’s great illustration.  You may remember Blake from earlier issues of Stalker.  Blake colored issues 1, 3, 4 and most of Gateway Legends.  More recently, Blake did an alternate cover for Stalker #6.

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