Stalker #7 – Cover by Blake Wilkie

And Stalker Tuesday is back!!

We took a couple weeks off after the end of the last issue to give Fabio a little break.  He’d been drawing Stalker for 6 months nonstop, so I think he deserved a little breather.  We’re coming back with a new member of the team, Blake Wilkie.

We’re also now about two weeks into the Stalker #6 Kickstarter.  If you’ve read and enjoyed these comics, please support the comic by backing the Kickstarter, even if only for a couple dollars.  Funds raised beyond the cost of the Kickstarter itself are all being used to help out Blake.  He’s had medical issues lately and with no insurance, he needs work.  Gateway Comics is giving him as much work as we can afford.  Every dollar you pledge helps raise Blake’s effective page rate and allow us to give him more projects to work on, so if you’ve already backed, we all thank you.  If you haven’t please consider doing so.

For my Patreon supporters, your high resolution version of the page can be found here.  All Patreon funds are also going to Blake.

This week we are beginning a new Stalker comic.  Enter Bluestar introduces a new member to the Stalker family.  Bluestar comes out of the same creative burst that created Stalker herself, the old Champions campaign played at SUNY Albany back in the early 90s.  Bluestar was created by another player, Donna, who has graciously given her permission for the character to appear in the Stalker comics.  This story is similar to her original appearance in the game, though if I recall in the actual game, Equalizer also played a significant role.

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