Stalker #6 – Page 18 – Whatever Happened to Eric Dorian?

Oh no! It’s another flashback in Stalker, and another origin story.

This time, however, we’ll keep it fairly brief.  It’s time for Eric to give an accounting for the months that he’s been goner and an explanation for his current condition.  The last time we saw Eric, if you remember, he had no powers.  He was just one of Public Defender’s many allies and informants in the city.  Now we go back a few months to September of 2001, just a few weeks before the events of Donning the Mask.  Dorian has been working undercover for years, infiltrating the criminal organizations of New York, but his luck has run out and he’s been caught.

Fabio gets credit for the unusual antagonist of his little drama.  He came up with the cat eye as he wanted to give our villain some flair and interest over just a common bad guy.

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