Stalker #6 – Page 17 – The Equalizer

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Stalker’s mysterious ally is revealed to be Eric Dorian, now going by the name, The Equalizer.  Long time readers will remember Eric from Stalker #1 and 2.  He was a friend of Public Defender’s and helped train Carrie.

We last heard about Eric back in Stalker #4.  Stalker was searching for him when she ran afoul of the Guardians and got sidetracked by Eclipse and her lead on Thorn.  That was back in October, and it’s now May, so he’s been missing for about 7 months at this point.  Obviously, something extraordinary occurred during that time.

Eric/The Equalizer was originally created by Marshall Lager for our Champions game at SUNY Albany.  He’s actually a slightly older character than Stalker and had been in play for some time before the two characters encountered each other.

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