Stalker #6 – Page 13 – Say Goodbye!

Stalker uses the swing lines this episode to cut back under the chopper and put the crane between them.  That will buy her a little time as they try to find a way to go after her without wrecking.

We had a bit of a communication issue this week on the script.  Fabio’s still new to comics and English isn’t his native language, so when the script talked about a “splashpage”, he took it to mean she dove into the water and drew the first layout that way.

Of course, in a comic script a splashpage is just a full page, usually full bleed, image.

Fortunately, he sent the layout to me for approval and the mistake was caught early, which was a good thing because the flu has struck in the Sliva household.  Hopefully this will not delay page 14, but I hope everyone will be understanding if we miss next week while Fabio and his family recover.

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