Stalker #6 – Page 11 – Personal Calls at Work

Hi everyone.  It’s been a rough day at the Potts household today.  Everyone has been home sick.  I’ll admit, I considered going to bed before this page was ready to be posted.

Carrie finally got to check out that phone call she got in the middle of the meeting.  Nia has some information for her to look into as Stalker.  And don’t think we forgot about that disastrous date she had last night.  She’s still feeling bad about what she said and guilty about the fight.  Just because she’s able to focus on the task at hand doesn’t mean it isn’t bothering her.

Of course, Celia’s here.  Maybe she should have waited till her lunch break.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little view into Stalker’s personal life.  There is more to her than the mask.  Next week, we get back into some proper Stalker action!

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