Stalker #6 – Page 10 – Office of General Counsel

Hi everyone, this is the boss’s granddaughter.  She’ll be here for the next three months.  You’ve been warned.

When you share an office, anything you say or do might make it straight to the CEO of the company.  I bet that’s going to be a really stress free work environment this summer.  I wonder who’s more nervous, Carrie or her new co-workers.  In fairness, this isn’t Carrie’s first job.  She’s been working over at Canon and Canon Associates for years as sort of a general assistant.  A lot of her time there, though, was just a cover for all her time training to be Stalker, an excuse to be out of the house all the time when she wasn’t at school.

Carrie’s not one to gossip about what’s going on at the office though, so everyone’s job is probably safe so long as they don’t do anything really stupid.

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