Stalker #6 – Page 8 – New Boss

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You ever go into the key meeting or job interview and your phone rings?  It’s especially nerve racking if you’ve just started a new position.  Do you answer it?  Do you check to see who’s calling?  Do you just silence it and pretend nothing happened?

Remember, when going into a meeting, put the phone on vibrate.

Carrie meets her new boss this week.  Tom Howard is the General Counsel for STi.  For those who are unfamiliar with this position, basically he’s the company’s top lawyer and head of all legal within the company.  It’s an executive level position reporting directly to the CEO, Stanford Stane.  He’s in charge of all reviewing all contracts, handling all litigation by or against the company, and advising the corporate executives on their legal exposure.  In a megacorp like STi, this is a huge job, and he has a substantial staff of lawyers, legal assistants and office staff.

Regardless of what else Carrie might be doing, it’s her grandfather’s intention to prepare her for her future as a company executive.  With her college goals apparently in law, assuming she can get into law school with her grades, he’s put her in legal for the summer to get some hands on experience with the operations of the company.  Her new title?  Special Assistant to the General Counsel.

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