Stalker #6 – Page 5 – Break Up

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The way a night can turn on you.  She got out of Jericho’s shop, ready for a fun night beating up bad guys and ends up getting dumped.  I guess she’s the one who got beat up this time.

To be fare, Stalker is not the easiest girl to date.  Her life up to now has largely taught her to trust no one but herself.  She’s also still dealing with the events of the previous spring, and that disastrous mission that PD put her on in issue 3.

That being said, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of debate over who was in the wrong here.  Some will be convinced that Side-Kick is a jerk (I think our artist is among them) who should be more understanding.  Others will side with him, believing Stalker should be more trusting and that Side-Kick has every right to be mad at her.

I enjoyed a similar debate that took place at the end of issue 4 when she and Public Defender had their falling out.

Next week, Carrie’s first day at work begins.  Does it go better then her date tonight?  Maybe…  maybe not.

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