Stalker #6 -Page 4 – Art of the Staff

High resolution version of this page available on my Patreon site.

We first saw Stalker wield the staff in Stalker #2, in the opening sequence when she was taking out her frustrations on the local drug scene.  She trained with a variety of weapons with her sensei, but in the end, the staff was the one that she was most comfortable with.

In a fight, it gives her better reach and hitting power, an important advantage if her opponents are bigger than her or armored.  It can also be used to block weapons.  Better the staff be broken then her arm.

You Patreon knew he was showing up, but for the rest, Side-Kick’s back!!  Let’s hope this date goes better for him then the last one, waaaay back in Gateway Legends #2.  Check back in a week to see.  At least it can’t go worse then their first meeting, or can it?

Fabio got to have a bit of fun this page.  The page description was pretty much, Stalker practices with the staff.  He went for it, full bleed on the page and everything.  It was Fabio’s first full bleed page, so we had to make some adjustments to make it fit the print template, but these were small issues.  It turned out great.

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