Stalker #6 – Page 3 – Jericho

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Back in March, Stalker #5, Stalker’s staff got mangled in her fight with Thorn.  Time to pick up her replacement.

Some of you may recognize Jericho from back in Stalker #2.  Though she’s cut ties with Public Defender, he’s still taking care of all her equipment needs.  Jericho is a tinkerer and engineer, able to build a wide variety of toys for his crime fighting clientele.  Even in this short appearance, we learn a lot more about him then we did back in issue 2.  He has a tattoo on his arm for the Army Corps of Engineers, and he’s confined to a wheelchair.

I hope to dig into some of Stalker’s supporting characters.  It can be hard for a webcomic to really do that.  Telling a story about Jericho or Sensei or Father McLaughlin takes us away from the main Stalker story for months when you can only publish a page a week.  At the same time, the format really keeps those minor players out of the limelight.  The last time we saw a new page with Jericho in it was 2013.

Speaking of Jericho and 2013.  I was watching Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix last night, yes, I know that I’m way behind, and Daredevil’s equipment guy gave him his new suit.  He bragged about the carbon nano-tubes he’d integrated into the design, making it “nearly indestructible.”  This made me laugh because Jericho told Stalker nearly the same thing, way back in that 2013 appearance, which was originally written and drawn in the fall of 2011.

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