Stalker #6 – Page 2 – Summer Job

We’re back to normal comics again after a little Christmas detour.  The rest of Stalker #6 should be pretty much uninterrupted.

Fabio had to rush a bit to get this one done.  Christmas was really busy for him.  After finishing the first page, he took on the very ambitious Stalker Christmas Special, he drew the Secret Santa piece for Ms Rocket, did a page for Marcos (Stalker #5 illustrator) and finally was able to jump back on the page 2.  Hopefully, we can have a calmer schedule going forward and he can get a little ahead.

We learn a little about Carrie this episode.  If you paid attention in Stalker #3 and Stalker #4, you knew Carrie was in college.  She failed that Freshman chemistry test back in issue 3, and her grandfather grounded her at the end of issue 4 due to her sliding grades.  Well, she’s turned her grades around this semester, finishing her sophomore year pretty strongly.  Look closely at the grade report, and you can see what school she’s attending.

Carrie’s all ready for a summer of adventuring and fun, but grandpa has other ideas.  He’s set her up for a summer job at the family business.  There goes summer vacation!

Really, we should be glad that he’s taking an interest in her and trying to guide her through her wild college years to some sort of future.  After all, he doesn’t know about her nighttime hobby.

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