2018 Stalker Christmas Special

Merry Christmas everyone!  I know some of you may not celebrate Christmas, but I still hope you enjoy the holiday.

Fabio and I started discussing a special Christmas episode almost as soon as he started working on Stalker.  Stalker Tuesday was going to fall on Christmas day, whether we wanted it to or not, and we both agreed that this called for something other than a normal page.

We got a few suggestions from Timmy (if you don’t know who Timmy is, you should go check out Super Cat.  Timmy is my ten year old son and writer of Super Cat).  These suggestions, got Fabio thinking and he proposed a story about Carrie when she was young, already demonstrating her sense of right and wrong.

Fabio decided to go with a different style of story then he is in the main comic, partly to stretch his artistic muscles, partly to distinguish it from the regular story line, and party to try out a style he’s considering for an animated Stalker.  I’ve been thinking about a movie or TV show or cartoon for years.  Trevor and I joked about going to the premier.  Fabio wants to actually do it.  I certainly hope he can one day.

This story takes place when Carrie is 13, or about a year before the events of Stalker #2.  When she sees a bunch of bigger kids picking on the little guy, she can’t just walk away.  She has to step in and be the protector, just as she continues to do today, as Stalker.

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