Collective of Heroes Secret Santa 2018 by Jeff Langcaon

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

We’ve got an extra episode of Stalker this week.  Every year, the Collective of Heroes, of which the Stalker webcomic is a member, does a Secret Santa among the different comics which are members.  Fabio has drawn a piece for Ms Rocket, and Jeff Langcaon has drawn one for us.  Don’t worry, Fabio’s Christmas Special Episode for Stalker be posted tomorrow for Christmas as planned, so this is just a bit of a bonus.

The Collective of Heroes is a website dedicated to active superhero webcomics.  If you love some indy superhero comics, you’ll find 30 ongoing comics at the site.  To be part of the collective, the comic must have at least 50 episodes, publish at least twice a month, and be active, so new pages are still going up.

So check it out, enjoy your Christmas Eve, and we’ll be back tomorrow with Fabio’s Stalker Christmas Special Episode!!

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