Stalker #6 – COVER B

Why does this comic have two covers?  Well, there is a reason.

Back in March, Marcos joined Gateway comics, planning to draw Stalker.  He enjoyed the book and the stories and thought it would be fun to do.  At one page a week, he felt he could fit it into his schedule.

This was a big boon to the comic, which had been on hiatus for three years for lack of an artist.  It saved Stalker and Markos worked hard to get a page of Stalker out every week for six months.

Around October, Fabio reached out to me.  He’d seen Marcos’ work, followed Marcos on social media, and was enjoying Marcos posts and the comic Marcos was drawing.  He also wanted to draw for me, just for the love of the comics and the art.  As Marcos was already drawing Stalker, we began developing a solo book featuring Psyche.  Psyche appears in Stalker #2 and #3.  I had a rough script underway and Fabio was working on some character designs.

It was about this time, with just a couple weeks left on Stalker #5, that Marcos let me know that his professional schedule would no longer let him draw Stalker.  He’d complete issue 5, but then he’d have to bow out.  My first message was to Fabio.  “Fabio, you’re not doing the Psyche book anymore.  You’re on Stalker starting issue 6.”

There was little time to prepare.  He had to adjust his style, we had to finish up the script, characters had to be designed, and Stalker #5 only had a couple weeks left to go.

I want to thank all my artist friends who came through for me.  Dan Butcher of Vanguard and Lorenzo Lizana from Lionforge jumped in and both provided some art to buy us the time we needed to get Fabio up to speed on the new book.  Blake Wilkie stepped up as well.  You’ve all seen Blake’s art before.  He’s been with Stalker since page 1 of Stalker #1 as it’s colorist.  Blake offered a cover for the new book.

Fortunately, Fabio is a brilliant artist and a quick study.  He was able to create the stunning cover you saw last week in time for the comic launch, but Blake had already produced the piece you’re getting to see today.  Why do they look so much alike?  Don’t blame the artists.  When I scripted the comic, I describe a cover idea in the script and they were both working from the same script, so of course they look similar.

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