Stalker #6 – COVER A by Fabio Silva

First off, let me welcome our new artist, Fabio Silva.  Fabio is a self taught artist from San Paulo, Brazil, joining us here for his first comic.  Fabio has big dreams for Stalker and plans to be with us as primary illustrator for many issues to come.

We’ve had a couple weeks of guest artists filling in while Fabio got up to speed, figured out his style and nailed down character designs, but now we’re ready to continue with no further interruptions on to Stalker #6: The Return of Eric Dorian.  Some of you may remember Eric.  He first appeared way back in Stalker #1, the DEA agent who gave Public Defender and Stalker the lead on Thorn in their murder investigation.

We saw him again in Stalker #2, training a young Carrie how to work undercover.  What she doesn’t know is that he also watched over her that night while Public Defender, Black Fury and Anna hunted down Thorn and his cronies.

He was last mentioned in Stalker #4.  What was Stalker doing out, prowling the streets, when she ran into the Guardians?  She was searching for the missing Eric Dorian.  So where has he been all these months?  Join us with Stalker #6 and lets find out.

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