Stalker – Intermission – Pinup by Lorenzo Lizana

Next week Fabio and I will be kicking off Stalker #6, but for this week we have a guest Stalker pinup by Lorenzo Lizana.

Lorenzo is the art director for Lionforge, a St Louis area online comic publisher and graphic arts company.  They’ve been operating since about 2011, originally publishing mostly licensed properties, Lionforge now has a large number of original titles as well.

I first met Lorenzo at Lionforge’s big kickoff event at St Louis Wizardworld.  Lorenzo was helping man their table directly across the aisle from me in Artist’s Alley.  He was doing sketches and I had several issues of Stalker.  We continued to see each other at various events in St Louis, Chicago, and Kansas City.

Lorenzo has just launched a personal project, Scarab.  The first issue became available at the end of October.

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