Stalker Intermission – Pinup by Vanguard Creator Dan Butcher

Hi everyone.  We’re taking a short break from the Stalker story here, between issues 5 and 6.  As I announced last week, Fabio Silva is taking over illustration duties for Stalker #6 and we’re working hard to make it the best comic we can.  In the meantime, a few of my friends have contributed some pieces.

This week, we have a pinup by Dan Butcher.  You may recognize Dan’s art for early in Stalker #5.  He did the title page for that issue and this week he’s back.  If you enjoy Dan’s work here, I encourage you to check out his long running webcomic, Vanguard.

In the meantime, here’s a quick look at what Fabio is working on…

Stalker Pencils by Fabio Silva

One last thing.  We all got the sad news yesterday that Stan Lee had passed away.  For all of us that write comics, and especially superhero comics today, we owe at least some of that to Stan Lee.  In the early 60s, he created the modern superhero comic.  He brought a humanity to the characters which we hadn’t seen before.  My own writing was influenced by those early days.  I was reading those old comics when I decided to write Donning the Mask.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had a great influence on the pacing of my stories, the way I thought about panels, and the way I wrote action.  If you enjoy Stalker, in some small way, thank Stan Lee.

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