Stalker #5 – Page 24 – A Life of Her Own

There was definitely some chemistry between the two of them last Christmas on that rooftop, but can they work as a couple?  Carrie would like to find out, but she’ll have to wait with the rest of us until Stalker #6, The Return of Eric Dorian.

I want to thank Marcos Gratao for all his hard work.  Without him, there would never have been a Stalker #5 or a revival of Gateway Comics.  You can continue to see his work over on the Enemus comic that he both wrote and illustrated.  Enemus will continue to be published on the site, but unfortunately for us (but good news for Marcos) he’s been hired away for a paying gig on another comic.  Please join me in wishing him the best of luck.  We’ll still hear from him from time to time, and he’s promised to return after the project is completed.

No fear though.  My friends in Brazil are continuing to come through for us.  Fabio Silva and Carlos Henry have stepped up to draw Stalker #6 and #7 respectively.  They’ve both been doing some great design work and I look forward to seeing the books they create.

Stalker #6 will be Fabio’s first published comic work.  His early designs a striking and beautiful.  It’s a very different style from Marcos or Trevor, but I think you’ll like it.

Carlos is a pro in the Brazilian comic scene.  His work is very slick and modern looking and will remind readers more of Trevor Von Eeden’s work on the comic.

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