Stalker #5 – Page 21 – If You Aren’t Cheating, You Aren’t Trying

This title could really apply to both the hero and the villain in this page.  Thorn was already cheating, in a manner of speaking, as soon as he decided to artificially amp himself up with super powers.  Sort of like taking steroids in professional sports, but to a whole other level.  This gave him the easy upper hand in the fight.  Just his size and weight would give him an advantage over Stalker, who has to make it up with a bag of tricks and raw skill.

Stalker turns the tide with a cheat of her own, hitting him in the face with pepper spray.  Sure, he’s bigger, stronger, and nearly invulnerable, but that doesn’t make up for being nearly blinded.

Finally, knowing he’s lost this fight, Thorn has one last trick up his sleeve.

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