Stalker #5 – Page 6 – Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

The final art for this page wasn’t quite ready in time, but I didn’t want the page to be late.  The completed colors should be ready soon, at which time I’ll replace the page. [UPDATE: The completed colors have been posted.]

Eclipse has the ability to read minds, but there are legal limits to that, which she has crossed here.  The courts of Stalker’s world have had time to make a number of rulings on this.  Use of telepathic abilities against someone without legal permission is considered an assault.  Telepathy has a specific set of legal issues.  The courts have ruled that telepathic evidence is inadmissible.  It violates the protections against self-incrimination and illegal search and seizure.  On top of that, it can’t be verified.  It’s the telepath’s word against the suspect.

Eclipse is in a bit of a bind here.  She knows she breaking the law, but she also knows what Stalker is doing is right and that her help is needed.  Now she’s dug a hole for herself.  She’s assaulted a man and interrogated him telepathically without legal authority.  On top of that, she’s now acting on the information that was illegally obtained and aiding an unregistered vigilante.

She’s right to be fearful about her position in the Guardians, should any of this come out.

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