Stalker #5 – Page 1 – Buying and Selling

First I need to welcome Marcos Gratao to the Stalker family.  Marcos is doing all the illustration and coloring for Stalker #5.  This page is Marcos’ first work on Stalker and I’m looking forward to a great comic.  We also need to welcome editor Sandra Haven, who has taken up editorial duties for Stalker.

Way back, when I published Stalker #3, I was amazed by the response.  It was an issue about sex trafficking.  I was concerned that I might get negative comments on it, but the reaction was quite the opposite.  What I received was a very positive reaction from the community which has grown up around fighting the sex and human trafficking trade.  I realized then that this was something Stalker would also make a priority, and she does so here in Stalker #5.

The early plans for this story was to make it interactive.  It was to be a reward for subscribers to my Patreon campaign and accessible on a subscription basis.  The readers would have been given a choice, what does Stalker do next?  With the cost of weekly art, I would have needed about $200 a month to make that work, which was never achieved, so the reader interactive comic never came to be, but what do you think?  What should Stalker do?

Those who have been with me for a while may notice some changes to the Stalker pages.  I’ve updated the publication dates to those of their original publication dates, back when I had these stories up on the old Sunday-Superheroes.

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