Stalker #5 – Title Page by Dan Butcher

This week’s page is the title page for Stalker #5, and the last page before we get rolling with the story.

This particular page was also part of the 2015 Kickstarter for Stalker #5 and was originally created as an alternate cover.  The artist is Dan Butcher, a webcomic publisher in his own right.  Dan is the European contributor to Stalker #5, hailing from the United Kingdom.  He is the creator, writer, and artist of the webcomic, Vanguard (, set in a dystopian future Great Britain.

We’ve been fans of each other’s comics for many years, and he produced this piece as his contribution to the Kickstarter.  Stalker’s clearly run into trouble here, in the form of an intimidating and powerful man.  To find out who he is and how Stalker got here, you’ll need to stick with us as the story unfolds over the coming weeks.

Illustrated by Dan Butcher

Commentary by Bradley Potts

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