Stalker #5 – Cover by Hargun Singh

Today begins a new chapter in the Stalker story.  It’s been about three and a half years since the last page of Donning the Mask was published on the old Sunday-SUPERHEROES, so I know some of my fans have been waiting a long time, and so have I.

The process of creating Stalker #5 started quite some time ago.  There was an early story created way back in 2012, which Trevor Von Eeden would have drawn.  That comic never began production, but aspects of the story remain in Stalker #6.

This story first appeared as a planned Patreon reward idea.  Blake Wilkie was set to be the artist.  There would have been a comic strip each week with Patreon supporters voting on what happened next.  Unfortunately, I never reached the level of funding needed to kick it off.  In March of 2013, a Kickstarter, with Hargun Singh as the artist attempted to fund the story as a standard format comic, but that also failed to get the needed support, and with no more new art to support it, Sunday-SUPERHEROES stopped publishing and was eventually taken down.

Enter Marcos Gratao earlier this year.  A professional graphic artist in Brazil, he reached out to me wanting to help me continue my stories.  The script was refreshed, he started drawing, and here we are.

This first page is the cover produced by Hargun Singh for the 2013 Kickstarter.  Hargun is part of our international team, working out of New Delhi, India.

Illustrated by Hargun Singh

Commentaries by Bradley Potts

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