Stalker #4 – pg 19 – The Real Secret

Why was all this kept from Stalker?  That night of breaking laws and tearing into people’s brains.  That night when Public Defender, Black Fury, Psyche, and Eric Dorian tore Thorn’s organization down.  That’s the secret.

The rules and laws they broke would put everyone in prison.  PD’s intent was to keep Carrie out of it.  If she didn’t know, she couldn’t tell anyone else or get in trouble afterwards.  The secret was about protecting her, and they all agreed to it.

Nia, in the end, turned out to not be such a bad kid.  She’d had a hard life and was never able to find a place for herself.  PD and Psyche recognized that and turned her around.  Eyes was another matter.

And what about Eyes, the psychopath.  The man  was a murderer, plain and simple.  There was no rehabilitating him.  Psyche was in favor of killing him, but PD wouldn’t hear of it, so Psyche came up with another plan.  She used her powers to destroy his mind and leave him a screaming lunatic, reliving the deaths of his own victims over and over again.  They then dumped him at an upstate asylum.  Unfortunately, he eventually got better and escaped.  As Psyche had warned he would if they didn’t take care of him, he has killed again, and again, and again…

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by Blake Wilkie.

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