Stalker #3 – pg 3 – Public Defender, Inc.

Here we have a really beautiful page come together from Trevor and Blake.  There’s no big action or cool costumes, but the detailed backgrounds, the interesting faces and the lovely coloring all just come together to make something I found really special.

This page also introduces us to some of the moving parts of Public Defender’s organization.  PD is not Batman.  He’s not prowling the rooftops looking for muggers.  He operates more like Sherlock Holmes, a private investigator, digging into crimes that the police are unable or unwilling to resolve.

A potential “client” calls into an 800 number and leaves a message which starts the ball rolling.  A team of investigators leaps into action, running down the current state of the case, verifying the call is legitimate, running background checks on the potential client, and presenting the case to PD so he can make a call on whether to take it on.  A lot of this is in place just to make sure it’s a real case and not a crank, or worse, a trap.

At this point, Carrie has been training for about five years, and Public Defender has decided it’s time for her to earn some real-world experience.

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