Stalker #3 – pg 2 – The Stalker Cave

Okay, it’s not a cave, but you get the joke.

Stalker has used her family wealth and Public Defender’s legal expertise to buy an old building through a shell company.  It would be nearly impossible to track the building back to her, unless her name comes up in the Panama Papers or something.  When the building was occupied, it contained a boxing gym, and she has moved in and uses it to train.

If you look around the place, it’s a bit of a mess.  Stalker’s not the best housekeeper.  There are old pizza boxes, piles of books and the like.  Carrie is a college student these days, a junior at Columbia taking pre-law, and the place looks it.

CaptureJohnsonOne of the posters on the wall shows a picture of Jack Johnson.  It’s clearer in the original inks.  Jack Johnson was the first black, heavy weight boxing champion.  Trevor had recently completed his graphic novel, The Original Johnson, a biography of this man.  You can still get it on Amazon.

As the page ends, Stalker is holding a torn dress, that she keeps to remind herself to never count on someone else to watch her back.  With Public Defender’s recent betrayal, she is drawn to it again, remembering the adventure tied to it, her first as Stalker, about a year before.

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