Stalker #3 – Title Page

Originally, Sara Richard had been lined up to do all the title pages for the first four Stalker comics.  Unfortunately, 2012 was not a good year for Gateway Comics.  The website had failed to generate enough customers, Diamond Distributors refused to carry the title, and direct marketing efforts to comic shops had failed to produce more than a handful of orders.

In the spring of 2012, I told all the artists to stop working, paid for the art that had already been finished, and shut everything down, convinced the comic was dead, with only Stalker #1, Stalker #2 and the 2012 version of Gateway Legends #1 completed, and print copies of only Stalker #1 (thousands of print copies) still available.  Do you want one?  Check the online store, order some, please (I’m assuming the store is up and running by the time you see this, but if not, just email me and we’ll take care of it, signed if you like).  Discounted prices for retailers buying in quantities of five or more.

Anyway, Stalker #3 didn’t start getting put together until about a year after the launch of  I had gotten back in touch with Blake Wilkie, who had colored Stalker #1 and some of my Gateway Legends pages and asked him to resume coloring Stalker #3, which turned out great. I reached out to Sara about doing the title page, but by this time she’d become famous and very busy, so she wasn’t able to do it.  Oh, Sara also has a stack of Stalker #1’s.  I asked Blake to do the title page.

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