Stalker #3 – pg 1 – Cool Motorcycle!

This page carries on with Stalker’s long night of reflection on her life.  Having mostly worked out her anger beating up street criminals, as we saw in the beginning of issue 2, she’s heading in for the night.

The bike is a 2011, Kawasaki Ninja.  At the time, I looked up a list of the world’s fastest motorbikes and picked the one I thought looked the coolest.  It can go almost 200 mph and is the same bike that Michael Garibaldi and Lennier rebuild on the show Babylon 5, Garibaldi declaring it the best bike ever built.

My friend, Dave Reiss, who is a bit of a bike junky, didn’t like this choice.  He says the bike is too high and too heavy for a woman of Stalker’s height and that she’d find it hard to back up and would be dropping it on the ground, because she’d have to tip it too far over to get a foot on the ground.  Well, Dave, this is a superhero comic and we’re going to let this one slide.  It’s hardly the most unrealistic thing in the book.

Stalker keeps a secret place in the part of the city where she is most active, a dangerous, poor and crime-ridden area.  A hidden tunnel allows her to access the basement of the building, unobserved.

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