Stalker #3 – Cover

Oh boy, where to begin.

This is a Trevor Von Eeden cover, colored by Blake Wilkie.  The art still looked great, and he was largely sticking to the scripts, but he wanted a “sexy” cover, and his design roughs were basically finished pencils.  Having put so much time into them, he was very resistant to submit other ideas.

Now, the art is good, but I’m not a fan of the cover.  I’ve gotten very little reader feedback on it, so I don’t really know your opinions, but my mom-who does offer opinions-offered to pay for a new one, so long as it isn’t too expensive.

The later pages of the comic have a few similar issues, where the script became “more sexy” although that had not been my original intention.

This was, in fact, a story and script I struggled with and debated about.  I wanted a story where Public Defender let Stalker down.  A story where she was in real danger and it was, at least from her perspective, his fault.  I had also recently watched a documentary on sex trafficking, and the story was timely.  Indeed, DC also had the same idea, publishing the New 52 Huntress miniseries about the same time, which dealt with the same subject.  To be clear here, Trevor had finished his pages before that miniseries was released.  Neither team could have had any knowledge of the other’s work.

Back to my point, I considered scrapping this story, because I wasn’t sure it would be received well.  I was particularly concerned I might alienate my female audience.  I rewrote it several times, trying to find a balance I liked.  Sara Richard was still involved with the team at this time, and I sent her the script to get a woman’s point of view on it.  In the end, Sara said she liked it and didn’t like stories where writer’s went out of their way to be nice to/avoid hurting the heroine.  I let the book proceed as written, based on Sara’s recommendation.

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