Stalker #2 – pg 18 – Becoming Rebecca

To protect Carrie’s identity further, part of Dorian’s job is not to just teach her the tools of the trade, be help her set up an entirely different life for herself.  When in costume, she’s Stalker.  When she’s working out of costume, she’s Rebecca, a “real” person.  Carrie is never involved in any way with anything to do with Stalker or Rebecca.

The result is a double deep secret ID for Stalker.  If she’s unmasked or her identity revealed, it’s Rebecca who is uncovered, a fake identity that she can discard if needed.  It’s Rebecca she reveals.  Only those who knew her before she became Stalker know of Carrie.

Unfortunately, Dorian picked a bad night to go to this club and someone with a score to settle against him is here, leading to …

Written by Bradley Potts, illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by George Freeman.

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