Stalker #1 – pg 18 – Memories

This page brings us back to the present, October 2011.  In fact, given the full moon in the comic, we can say October 12, 2011.

The cascade of images represents Carrie’s memories.  They are meant to represent photographs, and indeed some of those scenes she only knows from photographs, as that is all she has left of her parents.

The page also introduces the masked crime fighter registration.  This is a system set up by the state to allow masked crime fighters and super-powered heroes to operate within the scope of the law.  They are essentially licensed private detectives, except the government doesn’t know who they are.  What the government knows is another entity, a person or organization, that vouches for the hero and is responsible should the hero break the important rules.

The heroes carry ID cards with a registration number.  Authorities can check the registry to verify that a hero they run into is registered and in good standing.  If the hero gets in trouble, the registry can contact the hero’s sponsor who has to produce the hero if the court so orders.

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by Blake Wilkie

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