Stalker #1 – pg 17 – Payback

Things are finally wrapping up in the story.  Stalker and Public Defender obviously have at least some experience with paranormals (the Gateway Universe’s name for people with super powers) since Stalker has the wherewithal to cover Nia’s eyes.

In the Gateway Universe, most psi characters need line of sight in order to effect a target.  By covering Nia’s eyes, she’s essentially rendered her helpless.  A better option than beating up a five-year-old kid.

Public Defender gets a chance for payback, as he fights Thorn.  We see some distinction in fighting styles here.  Stalker is fluid and graceful, Thorn has a hard edged martial arts style, and PD is just a brawler.

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden, colored by Blake Wilkie

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