Stalker #5 – Page 16 – Dramatic Entrance

Stalker has a hard fight on her hands, having been caught off guard.But in the end, it’s the guys in the operating theater who are in for the biggest shock as our two combatants come flying through the window into the room.

Now, Stalker is face to face with Thorn, the man who killed her parents, the man she’s been hunting for for six years.Time to put up or shut up.

In other Gateway Comics’ news, we’ve been joined by Fabio Silva, another Brazilian artist who’s interested in making a contribution to the Gateway Universe.  We’re working together on a Psche story which will be featured on the site in the next few months.  In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, Psyche makes brief appearances in Stalker issues 2 and 3.  Go back and reread them, and I think you’ll identify her pretty quickly.

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