Stalker #1 – pg 5 – The Client

Eyes’ mistake comes to bear fruit as Public Defender and his partner, Stalker, are brought in on the case.

Public Defender actually had an 800 number that people needing his help call.  They would, in the 1980s, have to leave a message with an answering service.  If the case had merit, PD would take up the case.

In this case, the client is the daughter of the couple Eyes murdered a few pages ago.

Of all the characters in Donning the Mask, Public Defender’s was the most difficult.  I spent weeks sketching several different ideas and sending them to Trevor.  One evening, I was just inspired on the way home from work and had a picture in my head that just worked for me.  I ran in the house, grabbed my son’s box of colored pencils (he was just two at the time) and scrawled my idea onto paper.

I try to design all my characters.  While my artists will often make suggestions, and many of those suggestions do influence the designs, most of the designs are mine.  If I could actually draw…

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and Blake Wilkie.

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