Stalker #1 – pg 4 – Proposal Denied

In this scene we get a quick peek into Veronica’s private life.  She’s dating the man who will one day be Carrie’s father, Christopher Stane, heir to the vast Stane fortune.  She’s secretly Stalker, partner to the city’s masked crime fighter, Public Defender.

Technically, Stalker and Public Defender are not super-heroes.  They are masked crime fighters.  The super-hero label can only be properly applied to characters who have super powers.  Characters like Batman, Black Widow, any of the heroes from the Watchmen and the like, who don’t have powers, are technically masked crime fighters.

Chris has been working up the courage for some time to ask Veronica to marry him, but as often happens, she is suddenly called away by an “emergency at the office.”  The life of a hero.

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by Blake Wilkie.

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