Stalker #1 – pg 3 – Town Hall Meeting

I’ve been told by some people that they don’t understand the switch here, so let’s make it clear.  This is where the story switches into the past, 23 years ago.  This is the beginning of her story, as she learned from her mother’s diaries.

That’s an idea that I’ve never had a chance to pursue.  When I was very optimistic and thought I was going to create a comic empire, one of my ideas was a comic called the Stalker Diaries, which would all be stories found in Carrie’s mother’s diaries.  They would be set in the eighties and mostly follow the original Stalker (Veronica) and Public Defender during their years as partners.

In this scene, the people discuss how to save their neighborhood from Thorn’s gangs, but they’ve been infiltrated by a councilman on the take.  We see Eyes for the first time, a homicidal psycho who acts as one of Thorn’s enforcers.  He makes the mistake that will bring down Thorn.  He allows the little girl to live.

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by Blake Wilkie.

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