Stalker #1 – pg1 – Crime Stoppers

My first, professionally drawn comic page from Donning the Mask was this page.  If you’ve never created your own comic, you may not understand how exciting that first page is.  When Trevor Von Eeden turned in those pencils, even though his scanner was broken and there were scan lines across the page, it was just a hoot.

The page itself is a scene lifted, at least in part from Stalker: First Night, the first Stalker comic created back in 1995 (printed in the Stalker: Donning the Mask Graphic Novel).  In that comic, Stalker rescues a family (ostensibly the Waynes) from a mugging.  We see a shortened version of that here as Stalker begins telling the story of the preceding night’s activities.

Colors are by Blake Wilkie, who colored all the Stalker #1 pages, and it marks my first attempt at lettering.  I’ve found lettering to be something I’m good enough at to do myself.  I’ve done all the lettering for the Stalker and Gateway Legends books.  I know a lot of letterers use Adobe Illustrator, and I’d like to play with that, but Photoshop is the only program I have access to, so that’s what I’ve been using.  The font is Anime Ace 2.0 BB by Blambot.

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