Stalker #1 – Alternate Cover

It’s actually odd to call this the alternate cove, since it’s actually the first cover, illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by Blake Wilkie.  The Sara Richard cover wasn’t even thought of till after this cover was already inked and delivered by Trevor.

The cover came late in the process.  Trevor had already completed most of the pencils and inks for the first issue and I had been planning to use a piece I already had by Baron Engle.  Bob Shaw and Trevor were dubious of the older cover, which had actually been created back in 1995 for an even older Stalker comic (to see it you need a copy of the Stalker: Donning the Mask Graphic Novel).  They finally convinced me to work with Trevor on a new cover.

Trevor and I bounced ideas back and forth for a week.  Trevor doesn’t like that sort of thing.  He wants to be just told to do, with a few guidelines, and he does (usually really well).  He doesn’t like the back and forth of collaboration.

In the end, the result was okay, but not a WOW!! like we’d wanted.  It was at this point, that Bob Shaw suggested Sara for the cover.  She and I worked together and she produced a really unique piece, which you can see as the main cover here.

It was a few weeks later when I figured out the problem.  I was at a comic store in Springfield Missouri, showing my comic pages to a shop owner.  He hit the nail on the head.  This cover isn’t a comic book cover.  It’s the cover for some future Gateway Comics RPG.

In the end, this cover was printed in limited numbers, and the Sara Richard cover became the main cover for Stalker #1.

Illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden and colored by Blake Wilkie

Commentaries by Bradley Potts

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