Stalker #1 – Cover

Welcome to the new Gateway Comics Presents.  Stalker #1 was first created in 2011 as the first part of Donning the Mask.  I wrote the story in the early summer of that year and suddenly conceived of a comic offered online.

It took several weeks, but I wrote a script and found an artist, Trevor Von Eeden.  We worked together through October of that year and I had 20 pages of inked art.  Coloring was a problem.  I played with doing it myself, and I was okay at it, but too slow.  The first colorist I hired fell through after producing only a handful of pages.  Finally, Blake Wilkie took over and knocked it out in a few weeks, completing the book in January.

In the meantime, I needed a cover.  I had found Trevor through the Comic Art House, run by Bob Shaw.  While Trevor created a conventional cover, Bob introduced me to a young woman from New Hampshire that he was eager to find work for.  She’d never done any comic books, making a living by doing art prints at commissions at comic conventions.  This was Sara Richard, and Stalker #1 was her first comic book cover.

She was professional and hard working.  She read the script and quickly came up with a dozen rough concepts.  Together we selected one, and inside of a week, we had the cover you see here.

That was late 2011.  Now here we are, 2018, and Sara is known throughout the industry.  She has been doing covers for IDW, My Little Pony, Gem, and others.

If you’re a Sara Richard fan today, I bet she still has some Stalker #1’s that she’d be happy to sign for any of her fans reading Stalker and enjoying her first professional comic work.

Stalker #1 was first made available in print and online in March of 2012.  Diamond Distributors rejected the book on the grounds that the art didn’t meet their standards (I’ll let you think about that one), so it was published on my first site.  That first site failed quickly, as I couldn’t figure out how to get readers, but was published again in January of 2013 on the much more successful  Sunday-SUPERHEROES site, where it ran until the Trevor Von Eeden art ran out in March of 2015.

Illustrated by Sara Richard

Commentaries by Bradley Potts

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