Super Cat Episode 31 – vs. The Wicked Witch, Part 8

I’m sorry we didn’t get an episode out last week.  The whole family was sick the first part of the week and it through off just about everything.

We’re back this week!  The Major and the Minister are amazed this week to discover that Mr. Mittens knows nothing about the greatest threat his world has ever faced.  Their confidence in his ability to deal with the threat isn’t doing very well, but with the prince out of action, what choice do they have?

2 thoughts on “Super Cat Episode 31 – vs. The Wicked Witch, Part 8”

  1. I laughed, but Mittens is right, and his ignorance provides us, the readers, the perfect opportunity to learn (an important tact in story telling!).
    Thank you for illustrating your son’s story. Looking forward to more!

    1. It’s also a way to pull the details out of Timmy. He’s only ten, so his scripts tend to be a little short on details. I give him these little nudges to make him think about it and pull out some details. Sometimes those details are a bit silly, but it’s his story and it’s all fun.

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