Super Cat – Episode 29 – vs. the Wicked Witch, Part 6

This week, with the Prince out of action, the Major and the Minister have to seek out someone else who might be able to help them.. Their quest takes them to a coffee and catnip bar where the Prince’s brother is know to frequent.  The Minister is dubious that they’ll find much help at a catnip bar, as such places and the people who frequent them don’t have a very good reputation in Kittyland society.

The cat they are looking for is a Tabby who’s had too much coffee, the Sergeant at Arms, Mr. Mittens.

Mr. Mittens is based on another of our cats at home.  Just as Super Cat is based on our cat cow, a white cat with black spots, Mr. Mittens is Timmy’s nickname for our oldest cat, Noah.  Noah is a brown tabby with white feet.

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