Super Cat Episode 28 – vs. The Wicked Witch, Part 5

The week we start to explore the Super Cat’s history on the planet of Kittyland, which is, of course, an entire world of cats.

Timmy explained to me that Super Cat was unable to respond to the emergency because he was sick.  As with many of his stories, I have to work from that.

Timmy does what was referred to as “Marvel” style scripts.  Some comic scripts are written with great detail, laying out panels, dialog, etc.  I write this style of script for my artists, and in some circles these are referred to as DC style scripts.  The Marvel sty;e script is a reference to the way Stan Lee wrote scripts.  A Stan Lee script was often just a brief outline of a story.  The amount of detail varied, some being a page or two, but one extreme example is the script for the first Galactus appearance.  “The Fantastic Four meet God.”  That was it, the entire script.  Timmy’s scripts are like Stan Lee, Marvel style scripts.  He gives me a general outline and story and it’s up to me to expand on that and produce the weekly scripts.

If you’re in St Louis next weekend, look up the Stl Comics St Louis Microcon.  Timmy and I will be there next Sunday with Super Cat comics!!

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